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The Stove Manufacturers

Currently (Beginning of 2021) we employ about 105 local stove manufacturers. Many of them work part-time giving an extra source of income. This is valuable as their main job usually doesn't provide enough income to support themselves and their family.

Each stove manufacturer has attended at least one training on how to build our stoves. The training courses are arranged by "Die Ofenmacher" in co-operation with Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) and its local sub-organizations.  Various local stove-manufacture projects throughout Nepal work together with AEPC.  Depending on the requirements different stove designs are used.

"Die Ofenmacher" organize and finance the one to two week courses and cover all costs for the participants for food and board and if required the travel costs to and from the training.  After the training course the participants are authorized to manufacture and install stoves in their district and throughout Nepal.

Regional Coordinators keep close contact with the communities in their district, determine how many stoves are required and manage the relevant training for the stove manufacturers. AEPC does not finance the stove manufacture itself. The process would break down at this point as most families can't afford a stove themselves. That's where we come in. With our projects we ensure that there is work for the stove manufacturers and that the stoves are installed wherever possible.