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Theo Melcher

I was Born 1952 in Prüm in the Eifel. After finishing my studies of Mechanical Engineering at the  University of Applied Sciences in Trier and the RWTH Aachen my wife Ellen und I moved to Munich where we have lived for the last 35 or so years. I began my career as a development engineer in BMW's motor development division. When I started I never imagined that this job would captivate me for 35 years till the end of my working life.

With the freetime that I now have, I'd like to help people less fortunate than myself. Via our children we have been friends with Matthias Warmedinger for many years. Via BMW we have known Katharina Dworschak and Frank Dengler for more than 20 years. Given this close contact with founding members of the Ofenmacher it was a natural step some years ago to support this project which helps people in need, providing both humanitarian assistance and work, and also helps environment.

E-mail: theo.melcher@gmail.com