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Our aim is the widespread introduction of smokefree stoves especially in developing countries. We are currently active in Nepal, Ethiopia and Kenya. We started in Nepal and launched the first projects there.

Cooking on open fires with all the resulting problems is a worldwide issue. Therfore we foresee the possibility of projects in any country.

All donations are used 100 percent for our projects in line with the rules. Administrative and other expenditures are covered by the members' annual fees and dedicated donations.

"Die Ofenmacher e.V" is a non-profit organization under German law.  Our organization was officially registered in 2010.  The registration at the Amtsgericht München is stored with registration number VR 202861.

"Die Ofenmacher e.V." is German for   "The Stovemakers (non profit organisation)". Wherever you read "The Stovemakers" in English translation of the website "Die Ofenmacher e.V." is meant.

By the way, the German name is pronounced: Dee O-fen-macher"; whereby the "CH" is pronounced like in the Scottish word "loch" not like the English word "church".

You can read the organization's statutes from a pdf-file (you'll need Adobe Reader to read this file. You can download that for free here).

"The Stovemakers" is officially recognized as a non-profit organization and as such is not subject to corporation or commercial tax. We are authorized to issue receipts for club membership fees and donations. Donations can be deducted from tax if you are subject to taxation in Germany. Aa copy of the bank transfer or an entry on your bank statement is sufficient proof for donations up to 300 €. If you want a separate receipt please give us your full address along with your donation.