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Sit Outside under Patio Heaters in Winter - with Compensation

The risk of infection by corona viruses is lower outdoors than in closed rooms. The idea was to enable the restaurants to operate outdoors even during the cold season by temporarily allowing patio heaters. However, the CO2 emissions should at least be offset by donations to a climate protection project, in this case Die Ofenmacher. This was implemented in Ingolstadt, but unfortunately the project fell victim to the tightened corona measures. Maybe we can come back to it in spring.

Read the full Article in the Donaukurier from 23.10.2020

Partnership with the City of Pfaffenhofen

Report in the Pfaffenhofener Kurier of 5/5/2017: The city of Pfaffenhofen compensates its carbon dioxide emissions through heating and hot water in the years 2016 to 2018 with certificates of Die Ofenmacher.

Guests from Ethiopia visiting the mayor of  Pfaffenhofen

Report in the Donaukurier (28.10.2016) about Desta Andarge und Dessalegn Wondimneh from Alem Ketema visiting the mayor of Pfaffenhofen.

Donation to offset CO2 emissions

Prolignis Energie Consulting donated 15oo Euros to the Ofenmacher offseting the complete CO2 emissions of their business activies in 2015 (A report, in German, can be found in the Donaukurier issue 16th March 2016)

Effects of the earthquake in Nepal. Report in "Sonntagstipp", Syke-Weyhe-Bassum issue (Aller Weser Verlag), from 21st June 2015

After the earthquake in Nepal. Christa Drigalla reports in Pellworm's monthly newspaper "De Pellwormer" from 29th May 2015.

Traditional cooking with open fire implies hazards for health and life. Report in the Donaukurier from 21st September 2015.

A project by Markus Waldner and the D youth team of VfB Oberesslingen
Stuttgarter Zeitung, 14. August 2014

"Do not be overcome by evil, rather overcome evil with good!"
Haslacher Bote, November 2013

In June of 2012 we built a smokefree stove together with the UNESCO-Project group of the Helene-Lange-Schule in Wiesbaden.
Wiesbadener Kurier, 28. Juni 2012

Christa Drigalla promotes the Stovemakers in Nepal.
Kreiszeitung Syke, 9.12.2010

Twistringer "Eine Welt"-Laden supports our project in Nepal.
Kreiszeitung Syke, 20.11.2010

Report from the Oktoberfest of the Bassumer Sportschützengilde.
Kreiszeitung Syke, 27.10.2010

The Stovemakers builds smokefree stoves in Nepal.
Pfälzischer Merkur, 7.10.2010

Christa Drigalla collects donations at the church fair in Marhorst.
Kreiszeitung Syke, 20.09.2010

Interview with the honorary consul general of Nepal in Munich, Ludwig Greissl, concerning the dangers of cooking on open fires.
DAV-Panorama 3/2010