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International climate protection projects support global development goals of the 2030 Agenda.
Cook Stoves are the champions.

Second study by Öko-Institut and the Foundation Development and Climate Alliance

High-quality climate protection projects in the Global South can contribute to the goals of the global UN sustainability agenda (Agenda 2030) in several ways. This is the result of the study "Sustainable development effects of selected project types in the voluntary carbon market" by the Öko-Institut e.V. (Freiburg) and the Stockholm Environment Institute on behalf of the Foundation Development and Climate Alliance.

The study builds on a methodology used by the Carbon Credit Quality Initiative (CCQI) and examines the impact of voluntary carbon market projects that go beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Typical impacts on sustainable development were identified for projects in the areas of afforestation, off-grid photovoltaics, improved cooking stoves and water filtration.

Projects for the dissemination of improved cooking stoves (ICS) do particularly well here and only show positive effects on the development goals.

Like an Accolade

Federal Cross of Merit for Christa Drigalla

Despite the general conditions that were still influenced by Corona, it was a very solemn moment when our association member Christa Drigalla was presented with the Federal Cross of Merit on May 11 in Kiel by Prime Minister Daniel Günther. Christa has been involved in and for Nepal since 1998. She developed the idea of having smoke-free clay stoves built in rural households. The continuation of this impulse ultimately led to the establishment of our organisation. Die Ofenmacher congratulate Christa with joy and pride on this extraordinary honor.

Read more about this in our newsletter.

Ofenmacher on the Radio

Radio FreeFM from Ulm did an hour-long interview with Christa Drigalla, co-founder of Die Ofenmacher. Christa tells of the time before Ofenmacher, when she had the first stoves built in Nepal, and how the first projects and the foundation came about. The report on the current work is not neglected either.

The program aired on 31st March 2021. You can find the podcast of the interview here.

Sit Outside under Patio Heaters in Winter - with Compensation

The risk of infection by corona viruses is lower outdoors than in closed rooms. The idea was to enable the restaurants to operate outdoors even during the cold season by temporarily allowing patio heaters. However, the CO2 emissions should at least be offset by donations to a climate protection project, in this case Die Ofenmacher. This was implemented in Ingolstadt, but unfortunately the project fell victim to the tightened corona measures. Maybe we can come back to it in spring.

Read the full Article in the Donaukurier from 23.10.2020

A Christmas present from Santa Claus

Münchner Merkur, Ebersberger Zeitung, 21st Dec. 2018: Die Ofenmacher must have been very good this year. Nicholas has decided to pass on this year's donations, which he receives during his missions in the community of Vaterstetten, to Die Ofenmacher. Many thanks to our member Christian Peter, close intimate of Santa!

Deadly Danger in Developing Countries

Many poor people in the Third World are cooking on an open fire. But soot and smoke in the huts have dramatic consequences. The World Health Organization estimates that about 3.5 million people die each year.

Radio broadcast by BR2 about the problems of open fire cooking in developing countries.

Partnership with the City of Pfaffenhofen

Report in the Pfaffenhofener Kurier from 5/5/2017: The town of Pfaffenhofen and Die Ofenmacher have entered into a three-year partnership: Pfaffenhofen compensates for its carbon dioxide emissions from heating and hot water in the years 2016-2018 with certificates from Die Ofenmacher.

Third place in the competition "Good example" of BR2

In this year's competition "Good example" of the Bavarian Rundfunk, Die Ofenmacher occupied the third set. Among more than 500 applicants, They were placed among the top 5 by the jury and then elected to third place by public vote.

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