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Our partner organisation in Nepal was founded in April 2011. Our partner is an independent Nepalese NGO (Non Government Organisation), registration and affiliation with the Social Welfare Council have been completed in June 2011. The organisation is called "Swastha Chulo Nepal". Swastha Chulo means "Healthy Stove".

The initial task of the organisation is to manage and check the growing stove production in Nepal. When necessary Swastha Chulo organizes trainings to increase the number of stove manufacturers working for us. Before the first stove is built, information and education meetings are held in the communities. Swastha Chulo Nepal also monitors stoves after installation to ensure their correct use and maintenance and to look for ways to improve the stoves.

Having a partner in Nepal was prerequisit for the approval of a projetct by Gold Standard to allow purchase and sale of Emissionsrights in conjunction with stove manufacturing. The project is registeres with the number GS1191 at Gold Standard.

A major milestone on the way is the instanciation of a managing director within the new organisation.  Anita Badal has taken over this role.

Here the management team of Swastha Chulo Nepal:

Chairperson:               Phanindra Prasad Adhikari
Second Chairperson:  Shurendra Wagle
Treasurer:                    Brihaspati Prasad Adhikari
Secretary:                     Ram Bhandari
Managing Director:     Anita Badal