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Christa Drigalla

Born 1954, qualified nurse and carer.

Since the mid 80s regular trips to Nepal for varied, voluntary social work in Kathmandu.

1998 till 2009 helped set up and operate the Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital in Sankhu in Kathmandu-Valley, a hospital for plastic and reconstructive surgery, operated by Interplast Germany and the  Sushma Koirala Memorial Trust.

I found a home in Nepal in  Dhadagoun village in the hills at the border of the  Kathmandu-Valley.  There I learned about daily life with all it's problems and difficulties but also joined families in their joyous celebrations during the public holidays throughout the year.  Being with people who live in such close contact with nature made a special impression on me.

After I set up a simple "health post", people Dhadagoun had access to local medical treatment for the first time.  The support and continuing operation of the health post in Dhadagoun is still a matter close to my heart.

My most challenging hobby grew from my experience working at the SKM Hospital and my 12 years living in Nepal.  I want to bring an end to burn injuries suffered by children due to the open fires used for cooking in the houses in rural Nepal.

The construction of smokefree stoves in the area around Sankhu brought immediate improvements.  The houseowners and especially the housewives stated very clearly how their lives had improved after installation of a smokefree stove.

In the meantime my hobby has grown dramatically and the demand for smokefree stoves seems to be inexhaustable.  Along with the health benefits come environmental bonuses. As the stoves burn wood considerably more efficiently, less wood must be felled for cooking and CO2-emissions are reduced.

I really hope with financial support from Europe that the stove manufacturers in Nepal will build many-many smokefree stoves and thereby help the people there to a better, healthier life.

E-mail: christa.drigalla@hotmail.de