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Dr. Ernst Weihreter

Born in Swabia in 1946, living in Berlin since 1968.

Study of physics at the Technical University of Berlin, doctorate at the Free University of Berlin. Many years of experience as an accelerator physicist at BESSY GmbH and at the Helmholtz Center Berlin, consultancy in many emerging countries for the construction of synchrotron radiation sources.

As a pensioner, participation in various development cooperation projects in the field of photovoltaics and biogas plants. Active member of the stove makers since 2018. Here there is the rare opportunity to kill 3 birds with one stone:

  1. By saving around 50% firewood, CO2 emissions are reduced accordingly and the forest is protected.
  2. The smoke-free kitchen stoves avoid health risks such as bronchial ailments, arterial vascular diseases, carcinomas typical of smokers and burn injuries, especially in children.
  3. The training of locals to become stove makers creates jobs in the target country. Over 80% of the added value remains in the country.

That gives enough motivation to help as much as possible.

E-mail: ernst.weihreter@t-online.de