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Each of us produces a certain amount of CO2. The average CO2 production in Germany is about 11 tons per person per year. To achieve an ecological equilibrium the average value must be reduced to about 2 tons of  CO2 per Person per year!  At 2 tons per year the heating of the Earth's atmosphere could be kept at manageable level.


As individuals we can affect some sources of CO2 production. For instance each of us is responsible for the CO2 generated by food preparation, heating and travel. With care we can avoid unnecessary CO2 production.  Avoidance must always have priority from an ecological point of view.

For things which are necessary or important, maybe a business or holiday trip, we have the possibility to reduce CO2 production by "compensation".

CO2-compensation means that a certain amount of CO2, produced by a person or organization is offset by contributions to an environmental project which helps avoid CO2 production elsewhere. The savings resulting from the project compensate the person or organization's CO2 emissions, resulting in an overall reduction of CO2.

For instance you can donate to our ecological protection project which promotes the building of energy efficient stoves.  The energy efficient stoves built result in less CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere... forever!


How Much is 1 Ton of CO2?

Each person in Germany emits about 11 tons of CO2 every year.

A mid-sized car produces around a ton of CO2 for every 6500km (that's about 4000 miles) travelled.

An economy-class return-flight between Munich and Kathmandu releases around 4 tons of CO2 per person.


How Can I Work Out My Personal CO2-Emissions?

CO2-calculator of the German Federal Environment Office

Donating to Protect the Environment

With a donation of 15 Euro you can compensate 1 ton of CO2 production. You can find further details in the pricelist.

Make a money transfer with the purpose "Klimaschutz" (climate protection) to our account:

Die Ofenmacher e.V.
Deutsche Skatbank
IBAN: DE88830654080004011740
Klimaschutz (x tons)

You will receive a donation receipt and a certification of climate protection.